Privacy Policy


1 - Consent

Consent to the use of data provided by the customer. In the footer you will find a tab dedicated to cookies and RGPD, where you can indicate whether your data may be used in marketing campaigns, for statistical purposes or only for the purpose of providing services. The User may at any time change / remove the level of consent provided for the processing of data by R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda owner of the Namorate brand on its websites and and its partners.

2 - Research / Portability

Provision of data collected and stored in a database. Through the RGPD module, located at the footer, you can consult all your data. In this research, identification data will be presented, as well as data related to billing. If the customer requests a document with the indication of the data that the company holds, it can be exported to Excel or CSV.

3 - Anonymization

Anonymization/forgetting is a customer's right, if the customer wants to stop being contacted by phone or email, he can request that he be forgotten from the company's database. The customer can request anonymity at any time, that is, his data will no longer be available in his customer file. This process is irreversible and can be carried out directly on our website using a specific form or in case of doubts or difficulties, by email or telephone.

4 - Record of activities

Keeping a record of all the operations carried out with the customer's data has become mandatory, and consultation must be quick and easy. All accesses to customer data are recorded in a log file, where accesses made are stored.

5 - History of operations

With regard to the history of operations, you should keep a record of all movements that may exist. In the operations history, you can view the history of movements carried out through the RGPD module, such as searches carried out, information queries and anonymizations.

6 - Conservation

The data recorded for the purposes of commercial transactions are stored in accordance with the Portuguese law in force. The current law obliges the preservation of the history for a minimum period of 10 (ten) years. Data collected for statistical and marketing purposes are stored for a maximum period of 1 year. The personal data collected by R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda on its websites and will be processed and stored within the European Union.

7 - Security Failures

R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda on its websites and implements the appropriate and necessary security measures to protect your data against accidental or illicit destruction, loss and alteration, as well as unauthorized access. In accordance with legislation, any and all security breaches will be communicated to the responsible entities, with affected customers contacted as soon as possible, within a maximum period of 72 hours. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR IDENTIFICATION DATA OR OTHER INFORMATION YOU CHOOSE TO SEND, SUCH AS A COMMENT AREA OR ANY OTHER ACCESSIBLE PUBLIC AREA THAT WE ADMINISTER OR MANAGE. TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, WE CANNOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIMS. LOSSES AND DAMAGES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DIRECT, INDIRECT, SPECIAL, PUNITIVE, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL LOSS OR DAMAGES INCURRED BY YOU OR ANY USER IN CONNECTION WITH COMPUTER FRAUD, RISKS OR ANY OTHER INFRINGEMENT OR CIRCUMSTANCES IN WHICH YOUR INFORMATION IS ACCESSED OR DISCLOSED WITHOUT OUR EXPRESS AUTHORIZATION.

8 - Collected Data

Only data provided by the user during the purchase process and/or navigation on our website is collected and stored. Since its veracity and consistency are the responsibility of the user, he must confirm the data provided to R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda on their websites and in the respective order confirmation email / order. R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda on its websites and is not responsible for incorrectly filling in data during the ordering and/or registration process. The data may be processed directly by R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda or by entities subcontracted for this purpose, namely, for the purposes of transport, SMS sending, payment processing, satisfaction surveys, sales and after-sales support.

The processing of the collected data is necessary for the fulfillment of the purchase and sale contract or for carrying out pre-contractual steps at the request of the customer, such as budgets. We do not knowingly collect personal information from minors. As a parent or legal guardian, do not allow your children to submit personal information without your permission.

9 - Data protection

The entire process of browsing and placing orders on the website is encrypted with an SSL connection over TLS, thus ensuring the security and integrity of the data while in transit. R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda on its websites and recommends the use of an up-to-date browser and the latest operating system in order to guarantee the best possible security. All data is stored in datacenters with local access control as well as defended through advanced security systems defending against intrusions. Several physical, logical, technical and organizational security measures have been adopted in order to protect personal data against its dissemination, loss, misuse, alteration, treatment or unauthorized access, as well as against any other form of illicit treatment. The User has the right to submit a complaint to a supervisory authority, namely the National Data Protection Commission, in the event of non-compliance by R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda with the obligations that apply to it in terms of privacy. All data collected is for exclusive use to provide our services, which are not provided and/or transferred to third parties. R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda may resort to subcontractors for the accommodation of computer equipment, under the terms permitted by the legislation that regulates the processing of personal data, these entities being obliged to maintain secrecy and guarantee security in relation to the personal data that, in order to for that purpose, have access, and must not use such data for any other purposes, or for their own benefit, nor relate them to other data they have. Personal data may also be made available to the courts and other competent authorities, in strict compliance with the provisions of the law. For your privacy, we advise you not to include personal data, namely sensitive, or confidential data in the emails you send us. Please do not send us credit card numbers or any sensitive personal information via email, if this happens it will be destroyed immediately and without prior consent.

10 - Data provided to third parties

Despite being on a website managed by R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda, it may also be referred to links to third party websites. From time to time, at our discretion, we may include or offer third party products or services on our platforms. These third-party websites have separate and independent privacy policies. These policies are not managed or controlled by R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda, so we assume no responsibility for the content and activities of these linked websites. However, we seek to protect the integrity of our website and platforms and we appreciate you contacting us if you would like to give us your feedback on them. We also recommend that you carefully read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of these linked websites before submitting any information or personal data.

11 - Amendment to the Privacy Policy

These personal data processing terms can be changed at any time and without prior notice. These changes will be duly advertised on the website in an easily visible format, for the convenience of Users.

12 - Responsibility for data processing

Your data will be collected and processed by R.Stivali Sapatarias, Lda on their websites and, corporate number 509 610 633, headquartered at Av. Colonial War Fighters, 92 postal code 4730-686, Vila Verde, Portugal. This is the company responsible for processing personal data according to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

13 - Version

The current version was published on May 24, 2018.

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